What we do

Use our experience to deliver products and services in the light and heavy fabrication industry.

LIGHT FABRICATION - Whether its arts or parts cut out on our CNC plasma along with signs and designs that you might have, we will give you exactly what you are after.

HEAVY FABRICATION - If you're looking for heavier fabrication, installation company, give us a call, we can definitely help. 

INNOVATION - We are also part of the North Queensland Innovation group and know what it's like to get a product off the ground and market ready. If you need a hand or some help for your ideas, give us a call, we may be able to help or point you in the right direction. 

TOWNSVILLE BASED - Being based in Townsville we can draw on our suppliers from their expertise as well, whether it's hot dip galvanising, professional industrial painters or materials its all here in "the ville".


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Reflux classifier fabricated for Grote Eylandt

Reflux classifier fabricated for Groote Eylandt.

Site Boilermaking Services

Site Boilermaking Service